• NEW Rosie SmartMeter with GDH-FAD & NFC Technology

    SmartMeter bluebackground2 300x300 NEW Rosie SmartMeter with GDH FAD & NFC Technology

    Rosie SmartMeter by GoodLife is designed to provide precise blood glucose readings with easy and comfortable testing. This compact meter requires a small 0.5μl blood sample, and only 5 seconds for results. Rosie SmartMeter offers GDH-FAD (Glucose Dehydrogenase – Flavine-Adenine Dinucleotide) technology that shows no reactivity to any sugars other than glucose.  Rosie SmartMeter can be equipped with or without near field technology (NFC) which allows for your meter to communicate with NFC enabled devices just by touching them with your meter.

    Rosie SmartMeter Group bluebackground 300x300 NEW Rosie SmartMeter with GDH FAD & NFC Technology

    Individually foil wrapped strips are available


  • PCC logo Intergration with PointClickCare

    Integration with PointClickCare

    Nurse Rosie Products, a leader in long-term care medical devices and technologies, is pleased to announce its integration with PointClickCare, the leading cloud-based software platform for the senior care continuum. This collaboration will provide Nurse Rosie customers with a new solution to export patient’s weight and vitals from Nurse Rosie devices directly to PointClickCare’s electronic health record platform.

    With today’s healthcare demands, care providers share a mutual challenge of improving overall patient care while operating within tight budgetary constraints.  By optimizing point of care solutions and streamlining patient data, caregivers are able to make better decisions as they care for their residents while also reducing unnecessary spending.

    Nurse Rosie Products plans to launch its new software solution sometime in the second quarter of 2016.


    Nurse Rosie Products will be participating in:

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  • Rosebud VC

    Click to watch a short Rosebud VC demo


    The affordable Rosebud VC  is a vital signs monitor that obtains blood pressure, pulse, SpO2 and temperature measurements in a matter of seconds.  Your staff will be able to make rounds more efficiently, saving valuable time and money. Rosebud VC comes with an oral thermometer and offers a standard RS-232 interface for direct export into an EMR.

    Rosebud VC Photo600x 300x300 Rosebud<sup> VC </sup>