• RosieCare® Negative Pressure Wound Therapy

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    Designed Specifically with Long-Term Care in Mind

    The RosieCare Negative Pressure Wound Therapy (NPWT) system is portable, easy-to-use and exceptionally durable.  The anatomically-fitted, one-piece dressing construction reduces wound preparation time by up to 30 minutes and the powerful, digitally-controlled pump delivers quiet, discreet portability that allows residents to continue therapy without being confined to their bed.

    Unique, Fitted Dressings Reduce Application Time

    RosieCare’s unique dressings are anatomically fitted, delivering nursing time-savings,  ease of use, better fit, and a tight seal.  Offered in a variety of sizes and shapes, these dressings utilize a proprietary, mesh-enclosed pad that can be applied directly to the wound bed.  The non-stick wound pad resists adhesion to the wound and sensitive surrounding skin, reduces in-growth and  improves patient outcomes and comfort by avoiding disruption of the wound bed during changes.   One-piece construction ensures that even pressure is applied to all areas of the dressing and that exudates and fluid are effectively removed from the wound.  Each dressing includes silicone adhesive gels strips, port, drain and suction plate.

    Gauze or Foam?  With RosieCare, the Answer is Yes.

    The RosieCare NPWT pump can be used with either gauze or foam dressing material to treat areas of depth, undermining, and tunneling at the clinician’s direction.  It’s even powerful enough to treat multiple wounds with our Y-connector bridging kit.


  • Rosie’s Rugged AED: Start a Heart and Save a Life!

    Sudden Cardiac Arrest: This killer strikes without warning–not only our residents, but their visitors and our staffs.  Start a Heart and Save a Life with Rosie’s HeartSine samaritan Public Access Defibrillator.  

    Prevent the specter of death, disability and lawsuits!  Within 5 minutes after an event, and every minute thereafter, an individual loses 10% of their brain function from loss of oxygen.  Average EMS response time is 11 minutes!  Your facility is responsible during those crucial minutes.    Improve survival rates for your facility with the easiest to use, most rugged duty AED on the market–including a 10 year warranty.  info@nurserosie.com



    RosieConnect:  Bedside to EMR

    Vitals, Weight and Glucose

    Your Vital Link Between Care And Documentation

    Imagine sending vital signs measurements, blood glucose readings,  and weight directly to the resident’s electronic record from bedside or point-of-care, in real-time.  No transposition errors, no omissions, no delays, no duplication!

    Wireless, Immediate, Error-free

    Nursing time-savings.  Complete accuracy and accountability.  Reduced Re-admissions with early alerts triggering care plan intervention.

    The future is here with RosieConnect!

    For more information contact:  info@nurserosie.com



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  • Rosie’s SmartScales: The Accurate Weigh for Long Term Care!

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    • Accuracy up to 1,000 lbs, easy to use controls, sizes and styles to fit the needs of your facility.  Budget-stretcher acquisition and lease programs!  Save on LanoGuard wound prevention skin care products and give your budget breathing room to put a new, accurate, digital Rosie SmartScale on your team.  Call 1.800.841.1109 x 107 or email us at info@nurserosie.com
  • Pump Up Infection Control

    Nurse Rosie's Personal BP Cuffs

    The Safe Choice

    Residents living with diabetes have weakened immune systems that make them more susceptible to MRSA and other antibiotic-resistant infections.  Those in skilled nursing and long-term care facilities are especially vulnerable, as this population is prone to developing skin wounds that easily spread bacteria.  In fact, 85% of MRSA outbreaks occur in healthcare facilities.

    These infections can spread rapidly from resident to resident, sometimes through shared equipment, including blood pressure cuffs.  One of the easiest and most effective ways to prevent the spread of these infections is to eliminate the cross-contamination points.  The Nurse Rosie Personal Cuff can dramatically reduce the risk of these hospital-acquired infections (HAI’s) by eliminating shared blood pressure cuffs.

    The Nurse Rosie Personal Cuff is just that- a resident’s personal cuff that is exclusive to the individual.  With more than 200 readings per cuff, it can be used throughout a resident’s stay without the risk of passing infection to another patient.  Find out how you can add our personal cuffs to your team here.