• NEW Rosie SmartMeter with GDH-FAD & NFC

    Rosie SmartMeter is the only blood glucose monitoring system that combines GDH-FAD test strips with NFC technology, to provide convenience and accuracy for your skilled nursing facility.  Rosie SmartMeter is designed to deliver precise blood glucose readings with easy and comfortable testing.  Near Field Communication (NFC), allows the meter to communicate with RosieConnect 2.0.  This allows for the exchange of your resident’s glucose reading to go wirelessly into your EMR.  Rosie SmartMeter is the only meter in long-term care offering both GDH-FAD and NFC technology.

    For people with diabetes it is critical that they are able to measure their blood glucose levels accurately and GDH-FAD is the newest solutions with the highest accuracy on the market.  GDH-FAD test strips show no reactivity to any sugars other than glucose,  which means they provide the truest glucose reading for patients.  Rosie SmartMeter also offers GDH-FAD test strips in a vial or individually foil-wrapped.


  • RosieConnect 2.0 Logo 300x53 New RosieConnect 2.0

     Easy-To-Use, Wireless Data Transfer From Device to EMR


    The new RosieConnect 2.0 is a secure, cloud-based system that is easy-to-use, HIPAA compliant and will transfer data from our advance medical devices, straight into PointClickCare in a matter of seconds.  RosieConnect 2.0 offers:

    – Seamless, error-free data entry

    – User-friendly system

    – 24/7 technical support

    – Replacement/loaner program

    – Saves staff time and steps

    – Optimizes patient outcomes


    Rosie 4 and Big Screen 300x186 New RosieConnect 2.0








  • NEW Wound Healing Products

    Sanity G6 NPWT Pump and Debrisoft


    Sanity G6 NPWT Pump

    %name NEW Wound Healing Products

    What sets Sanity G6 apart from other NPWT pumps is that it does not utilize an internal air pump to provide vacuum to a collection canister.  By design, the Sanity G6 offers a patented vacuum pump that is integrated with a canister to improve infection control and reduce room odors.



    DebriSoft Box 300x300 NEW Wound Healing Products

    Debrisoft is an effective and virtually painless debridement device that offers rapid, highly visible results in 2-4 minutes.  Debrisoft is so gentle that it cleans without damaging healthy tissue.  As a basis for effective wound bed preparation, Debrisoft ensures improved outcomes for your treatment plan.