Rosie SmartMeter

Rosie SmartMeter individual foil-wrapped strips

Rosie SmartMeter

Blood Glucose Monitoring System with GDH-FAD Test Strips and NFC Meter Technology

Rosie SmartMeter is the only blood glucose monitoring system that combines GDH-FAD test strips with NFC technology to provide convenience and accuracy for your skilled nursing facility.  Rosie SmartMeter is designed to deliver precise blood glucose readings with easy and comfortable testing.  This compact meter requires a small .5 µL blood sample, and only 5 seconds for results.  Our system also offers affordable, individually, foil-wrapped GDH-FAD strips as well as the standard vial of strips to ensure precise glucose readings and reduce contamination.


For people with diabetes it is critical that they are able to measure their blood glucose levels accurately, and GDH-FAD is the newest solution with the highest accuracy on the market.  Glucose Dehydrogenase – Flavine-Adenine Dinucleotide (GDH-FAD) are enzymes found in the Rosie SmartMeter test strips.  GDH is an enzyme which prompts a reaction that extracts electrons from glucose.  FAD is the coenzyme required for the GDH reaction.  GDH-FAD test strips show no reactivity to any sugars other than glucose, which means they provide the truest glucose readings for patients.

NFC Technology

Near Field Communication (NFC) allows mobile devices with NFC capabilities to communicate with each other by gently tapping the devices together.  This motion allows for the exchange of information about your residents from your meter to your NFC enabled device.  With NFC, Rosie SmartMeter will communicate with RosieConnect 2.0, so your patients glucose reading can be deliver to your EMR.  Rosie SmartMeter is the only meter in long-term care offering GDH-FAD with NFC.


Customer Testimony:

“Self-testing of blood glucose has evolved dramatically over the twenty-eight years I’ve been in nursing. The Rosie SmartMeter is the latest and best of these innovations. The compact design makes it easy to handle and store. It is fast, accurate, and requires less blood than many of the other glucometers. The nurses have been using the Rosie SmartMeter for several weeks now, and I have only received positive responses from each of them. You always provide excellent customer service, and your added support during this transition to the machine has been invaluable.“

Frank Pennington R.N.

Director of Nursing

Heritage House of Baton Rouge

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Features & Benefits

•No coding required

•Only .05 μL of blood required

•Results in 5 seconds

•Test strip ejection feature

•Easy-to-use interface

•Unique before meal, after meal and control solutions settings

•Individually foil-wrapped strips available

•900 test memory


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Key Features of GDH-FAD Test STrips

•Available in a vial or individually foil-wrapped


•Not affected by changes in oxygen levels

•Optimized purification method resulting in fewer contaminants to give lower backgrounds

•Lower background = better sensitivity

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