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Scales:  For accurate weight in long-term care, the Rosie SmartScale® family of portable digital wheelchair and chair scales delivers accuracy, safety, versatility up to 1,000 lbs!

Boasting intuitive, easy-to-understand digital measurement controls and manufactured to rugged-duty Rosie standards, these scales are specially designed for the needs of Long-Term Care facilities to offer accuracy, versatility, portability, and resident safety.  Rosie SmartScale offer Body Mass Index (BMI) auto-calculators, auto-subtract Wheelchair weight functions and MotionTrap© technology. Rosie SmartScale include an outstanding 3 year warranty and technical support.

The Wheelchair Scale series delivers capacity  up to 1,000 lbs on safety-engineered, non-skid, easy-mount, dual-ramp platform with handrail to support standing residents and augment safety for residents in wheelchairs. Auto-subtract wheelchair weight functions plus MotionTrap© technology ensure accurate weight even when residents are not able to be completely motionless. The easy-to-use Body Mass Index (BMI) function assists your team in clinical evaluations. This versatile scale is offered with the option of a built-in, padded seat for multi-purpose weighing as a chair scale. Simply unfold the seat for use–or tuck away when not in use.

The Chair Scale is an economical choice with capacity up to 600 lbs. This space-saving chair features quiet portability and a streamlined design with independent swing-up arms for easy access and resident transfer. MotionTrap© technology eliminates inaccuracies caused by involuntary movement. Easy-to-Use Body Mass Index (BMI) function assists your team in clinical evaluations.

The Rosie SmartScale® family can be used as a stand-alone system or with Bluetooth data transmission option as a building block for your future installation of an EMR connectivity system that will send measurements to an EMR.

Warranty Information

Your Rosie SmartScale® comes with a 3 year warranty and technical support.  If Rosie SmartScale® joins your staff through our Budget Stretcher Program or through a lease, she is under warranty as long as you are on either of these programs.

Calibration:  We recommend that you include your Rosie SmartScale in the standard calibration protocol your facility currently employs–usually once per year.   In general, the Rosie SmartScale requires calibration every 100,000 weighs, however, extreme handling, bumping and dropping of the base may indicate the necessity of more frequent calibration.  It is recommended that certified test weights be used to calibrate your scale–and we recommend the weight be 20-25% of capacity.    Nurse Rosie Products team members can assist you in locating appropriate scale technicians with certified test weights in your local area.

For full warranty, exclusions and service limitations please contact your Nurse Rosie Products representative at 800.84.1109 ext. 107 or

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Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive, easy-to-use Digital Controls, Large Display
  • Accuracy within .02 lbs with MotionTrap© (Movement compensation) technology
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) functions
  • Long Battery Life (75 hours)
  • Wheelchair Scale Capacity up to 1,000 lbs
  • Dual Ramp, Handrails, Non Skid Platform
  • Folding & Portable for easy location
  • Auto-Subtract Wheelchair weight
  • Optional Folding Seat for use as multipurpose chair/wheelchair scale
  • Digital Chair Scale Capacity up to 600 lbs
  • Portable, Space-saving, Affordable
  • Swing up Arms for easy access/exit and resident transfer
  • Easy clean seat for caregiver time savings

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Technical Support

Nurse Rosie Products offers comprehensive technical and warranty support and our Nurse Rosie Products Technical Support Staff is ready to assist you!

For Troubleshooting, Equipment Repair and Replacement call:


Business hours are Monday – Friday, 8:30 am – 5:00 pm EST

We know equipment down-time can be an issue. If our Tech Support team determines that your Rosie SmartScale needs a “visit from the doctor,”  we will arrange that for you (manufacturing issues only).    If your facility protocol requires regular scale calibration, or there is some type of damage to your scale during use,  we would be happy to refer you to certified local resources.

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Acquisition Options

Options to Meet Every Budget

Nurse Rosie Products realizes that all budgets are not created equal. Our Sales Team is specially trained to find the best solution for your facilities’ needs with one goal in mind:  improving your ability to provide quality care efficiently and affordably.

Nurse Rosie Products gives you options that other companies can’t:

Equipment Purchase

  • Competitive Pricing
  • 3 year Warranty (Rosie SmartScales)
  • Technical Support Plans Available

Equipment Lease

  • Low Lease Payments with Equipment Upgrade Option during term
  • Extended Warranty for Term of Lease
  • Technical Support Included

Rosie SmartPlan – Our most popular option!

  • Add Hospital-Quality, High-Technology Equipment to your facility
  • Little to No Increase to your monthly operations budget
  • Warranty and Technical Support Included
  • Equipment Repair and Replacement / Loaner Program

Nurse Rosie Products has Sales Representatives in your area and in the office ready to answer your questions! Please contact us to schedule a demo or to speak with your Regional Account Manager.

1-800-841-1109 ext.107 or

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