FILAC 3000 EZ Oral Thermometer

Filac 3000 Thermometer

FILAC 3000 EZ Oral Thermometer

The Filac 3000EZ Electronic Oral Thermometer utilizes advanced technology that produces accurate readings in less than 6 seconds in multiple easy to use formats.

The Filac 3000  has a patented isolation chamber design and durable probe covers to help minimize the chance of cross-contamination. This thermometer is self-calibrating, has an auto on-off function and operates on four (4) AA batteries providing up to 6000 measurements. Includes oral probe and push-button probe cover ejection.

Accuracy +/- 0.3º C Quick Mode

  • +/- 0.1º C Standard Mode
  • +/- 0.1º C Direct Mode

Fastest Predictive Readings 3-6 seconds Oral Quick Mode

  • 6-10 seconds Standard Mode
  • 60-120 seconds Direct Mode

Easy to Use

  • Intuitive icon based user interface
  • Easy to read LCD display with back-light
  • Durable, robust design; stands upright on a flat surface

Supports Infection Control

  • Interchangeable, color coded isolation chambers, probe and probe cord
  • Single use durable probe covers minimize cross contamination
  • Self contained isolation chamber design


Are wall brackets and rolling carts available?
Yes, please contact Nurse Rosie Products Sales for more information.

Will the Filac™ 3000 Thermometer attach to my current rolling cart?
Yes, we have several mounting options available.

Do both models come with a base?
The Filac™ 3000 EZ model does not come with a base.

How frequently do I need to check calibration?
Calibration check of the Filac™ 3000 monitor is recommended annually. The monitor and probe may be checked in a calibrated water bath if desired. A calibration plug is also available to check accuracy.

How do I check the calibration of the Filac™ 3000 monitor?
The thermometer’s calibration may be checked using the Filac™ 3000 calibration plug.

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Features & Benefits

  • Intuitive icon based user interface
  • Easy to read LCD display with back-light
  • Durable, robust design
  • 4 second oral read time
  • 6,000 temperature readings with 4AA 1.5V batteries
  • Supports infection control with self contained isolation chamber design

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Product Specifications

  • Measurement range: 86° – 109° F (30° – 43° C)
  • Accuracy is plus/minus 0.6° F (0.3° C)
  • Oral and rectal probes available
  • Requires four (4) AA Alkaline 1.5V batteries

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