Rosie SmartTemp Tympanic Thermometer

Rosie SmartTemp Tympanic Thermometer

Our Tympanic Thermometer is Designed for Long-Term Care

The Rosie SmartTemp tympanic thermometer was designed with Long-Term Care in mind.  From simple one-touch operation to accurate, instant results, the Rosie SmartTemp will give your caregivers the accurate measurements they need, while saving them time that can be spent caring for your residents.  To ensure Rosie SmartTemp stays in good condition to provide you with accurate results, we highly recommend facilities use the probe covers with every patient use.

Comfortable & Effective

Rosie SmartTemp’s comfort probe ensures resident safety, while her compact, ergonomic design promotes proper ear canal alignment.  Rosie SmartTemp’s hands-free disposable probe cover system helps eliminate cross-contamination, reducing the risk of healthcare-acquired infections (HAI’s).  She is covered under full manufacturer’s warranty for 1 ½ years that includes our U.S.A. based technical support and loaner program.

Ready for the Future of LTC

Rosie SmartTemp tympanic thermometer is available with or without Bluetooth technology so it has the capability to communicate with third party EMR connectivity systems.

Key Features

  • Accurate, instant results
  • Simple one-touch operation
  • Comfortable and safe to resident
  • Bluetooth technology available for third party EMR connectivity