Rosie 4

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Rosie 4


Nurse Rosie is proud to introduce Rosie 4, our newest automated vital signs cart.

Agile, Affordable and Automatic Results

The Rosie 4 vital signs monitor will provide optimal results for daily tasks such as NIBP, SpO2, and temperature.  Facilities will have the option to enter up to six additional vitals as well as an early warning scoring system that further assists in clinical decisions in your skilled nursing environment.  The Rosie 4 offers RS-232 interface for third party connectivity solutions.


  • Lightning speed NIBP, SpO2 and temperature measurements
  • Manual, automatic and customizable NIBP measurement modes offer flexibility for various clinical applications
  • Multiple inputs of vitals such as respiration rate, pain level, glucose, fluids and degree of consciousness
  • Standard MEWS (Modified Early Warning Score) offers effective support for LTPAC facilities
  • 8.4″ high resolution and touch screen that displays clear images
  • Stores up to 5,000 easily retrievable measurements
  • 3-year warranty with replacement/loaner program
  • 8-hour Lithium-ion battery
  • Accessories and rechargeable battery are warranted for 90 days from date of purchase
  • Comes with a rugged rolling cart and basket
  • Plethysmogram wave form
  • Smart Cuff inflation and deflation with quick-connect for fast cuff size changes
  • Printer with time and date stamp
  • Takes vitals in less than a minute

Warranty Information

3-year warranty with replacement/loaner program

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Return on Investment

Assuming 100 Residents with vitals taken once per day and Nurse averaging 4 minutes per Resident


Time required taking vitals with ROSIE AUTOMATED MONITORS

Nurse averaging less than 1 minute per Resident = 12 hour/week or a Time Savings of 35 Hours per Week at $10.00/hour, this saves your facility

= $18,200 PER YEAR

What could YOUR FACILITY do with $18,200 per year? What could YOUR NURSES do with 35 hours per week?

  • Increased Resident interaction
  • More time for Resident observation
  • Enhanced clinical decision making

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Aquisition Options

Options That Suit Your Needs

Nurse Rosie Products realizes that all budgets are not created equal. Our Sales Team is specially trained to find the best solution for your facilities’ needs with one goal in mind – improving your ability to provide quality care efficiently and affordably.

Nurse Rosie Products gives you options that other companies can’t:

Outright Equipment Purchase

  • Competitive Pricing
  • Technical Support and loaner program

Equipment Lease

  • Low Lease Payments with Equipment Upgrade Options during Term
  • Extended Warranty for Term of Lease
  • Technical Support Included

Rosie SmartPlan – Our most popular option!

  • Add Hospital-Quality, High-Technology Equipment to Your Facility
  • Little to No Increase to your monthly operations budget
  • Warranty and Technical Support Included
  • Equipment Repair and Replacement / Loaner Program

Nurse Rosie Products has Sales Representatives in your area and in the office ready to answer your questions! Please contact us to schedule a demo or to speak with your Regional Account Manager.

1-800-841-1109 ext.107 or

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