Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs

Calibrated® V-Lok® Cuff by W.A. Baum Co. Inc.

We offer a variety of sizes of Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffs to fit your needs, just ask your representative for details.

Nurse RoB10 Baum Latex Tube1 e1362152812195 Reusable Blood Pressure Cuffssie takes pride in offering the best.  For more than 100 years, since originating blood pressure measurement devices, W.A. Baum Company has been the most trusted name when it comes to blood pressure.  The Calibrated® V-Lok® cuff increases accuracy because it clearly indicates whether or not the correct size cuff is being used. The center of the bladder is clearly marked on the inner and outer surfaces of the cuff for correct application on either the right or left limb. Hook and loop fasteners are used to provide the optimal number of open-close cycles.  Baum cuffs keep your patients happier because they conform to the shape of the limb and have no hard, stiff edges.  They are made of tightly woven, heat set Dacron™ polyester fabric and are double stitched at critical points for long wear and treated with an effective anti-microbial agent.  Latex and Non-Latex inflation bags, bulbs and tubing are guaranteed against defects.  Their seamless bags are available in Latex or Non-Latex. Latex bags are made only of dipped natural rubber Latex.