Delivery Spike Sets

I Spike set

1200 ml
500 ml

Delivery Spike Sets

Our Delivery Spike Sets are latex free and include the revolutionary Locking Distal Tip, which is specially designed to prevent accidental Resident disconnect and reduce the widening and deterioration of the connecting Resident tube.

  • Compatible with Nestle®, Ultrapak® and Spikeright™
  • These spike sets will work with other manufacturers’ pumps as well
  • Bag sets are available in 1200 ml & 500 ml
  • Latex and DEHP free

Secure Lock Distal Tip

  • Cap for the G-tube is placed in the designated locking slot on the distal tip
  • Drastically minimizes unwanted disconnects
  • Reduces time consuming cleanups and unsanitary conditions
  • Tip’s round flanges reduce wear and widening of the silicone on the G-tube