Lantiseptic Wash Cream

Lantiseptic 3-in-1 wash cream

8.5oz tube

Lantiseptic Wash Cream

Lantiseptic Wash Cream is a one-step no rinse cleanser that is ideal for everyday care when bathing or washing up with water is not possible. It is designed to clean, moisturize and deodorize and is pH-balanced to be gentle and non-irritating on all body areas. For perineal care, Lantiseptic Wash Cream helps to emulsify feces and cleanse urine after incontinent episodes. The added lanolin moisturizers ensure that the skin will not dry out after use and the fresh fragrance helps control unpleasant odors.

Ideal for:

  • On-the-go cleansing
  • Perineal care
  • Head-to-toe cleansing
  • Hand sanitizing