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Remove The Barriers To Wound Healing

Debrisoft – Monofilament Gentle Debriding Device

Every wound deserves a clean start, help begin the healing with Debrisoft. Debrisoft is an effective and virtually painless debridement device that offers rapid, highly visible results in 2-4 minutes.

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Drebrisoft is an easy-to-use, patient accepted and effective on the following:

  • Biofilm
  • Non-viable tissue including necrosis and slough
  • MMPs (matrix metalloproteinases)
  • Toxins
  • Inflammatory mediators
  • Debris

Debrisoft is so gentle that it cleans without damaging healthy tissue.  As a basis for effective wound bed preparation, Debrisoft ensures improved outcomes for your treatment plan.


  • 18 Millian beveled fiber tips that gently loosens non-viable material
  • Synthetic fiber monofilament pad absorbs and removes debris from the wound bed and surrounding skin
  • Practical, portable and readily available for every treatment location
  • Precision cut monofilament pad spares viable granulation and epithelial tissue
  • Reinforced backing makes it easy-to-use


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